How to cook an artichoke & make it taste great!

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I recently tried a marinated artichoke heart on a trip to Melbourne and this changed my whole pre conception about artichokes. My mother tried one while she was pregnant with me and has had an aversion to them since, so I thought I probably would too, but in fact the marinated artichoke was really nice! I saw an artichoke at the organic shop last week and decided to give it a go..on a home-made pizza. The result : I like artichokes! (and now so does my partner).

Here is a really great link which explains how to cook them

I marinated mine in Tamari (a wheat free soy sauce) after I had cooked it and then added to the pizza as a topping (along with tomato, mixed herbs, red onion, garlic, broccoli, toasted pine nuts and avocado!).  I must say the pizza came out preeeety delicious!

Here is the photo of the pizza ready to eat..

The bases were by the brand Pavillion and bought from New World (selected ones and selected Countdown stores also)  and are the best I have found so far ( although I usually make my pizza bases from scratch, but decided to try ready made for a change).



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