Gluten Free & Vegan Eating In Devonport

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Today was a beautiful day so my partner and I went to Devonport for a swim down at the wharf. We sun bathed in the sun afterwards and then headed down to the village for afternoon tea and found Zest Organic Store and Cafe. We were pleasantly surprised to find this little place on the main road as it had a cabinet with a selection of tasty organic morsels, GLUTEN FREE sausage rolls (vegan) that were the best Iv’e tasted yet!! And a flour-less chocolate cake and Gluten free blueberry cheesecake to top it off! They also had raw veggie wraps, bliss balls, and raw peanut chocolate, along with a selection of smoothies, juices and freshly churned organic BLUEBERRY FROZEN YOGHURT! (Available in strawberry too). Will definitely be back to try the blueberry frozen yoghurt next time! So when you pop over to Devonport next I suggest you check this little place out  x



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