About Me – My Journey To Health

Hi, I’m Kate – a Holistic Nutritionist. In a nutshell this means I focus on the root cause of illness or issue, and not just treating the symptoms. I believe in healing the body through delicious nutritious food, which is why I called my business Food As Medicine – because it truly can be! My passion is to educate and empower people, giving them the tools to support their bodies with proper nutrition, eliminate disease and have abundant health and energy!

This has been a journey for me which stemmed from being very ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. For years I was living in a heavily stressful unhappy marriage, and working in a stressful job that I desperately wanted to leave. My diet was completely void of nutrition (heavily processed and high in sugar etc) and my immune system was so compromised  that I ended up getting a virus which completely wiped out my immune system and I just didn’t recover. I didn’t bounce back like you usually would after a cold or flu. I just got sicker and sicker until I had what was termed chronic fatigue syndrome.  This meant years of suffering (and not being able to hold down a job due to to the exhaustion I felt on a daily basis) and looking everywhere I could to get help. I read book after book, researched on-line, saw doctors (whose only suggestion was to prescribe ant-depressants!) and finally the turning point ; I sought Naturopathic help.

I completely changed my diet and lifestyle alongside adding in specific supplements. I removed myself from both my marriage and job, giving myself the time and space I needed to fully recover and I also used alternative therapies through the Naturopath I was seeing. Then something amazing happened, my symptoms started to disappear!! After years of debilitating exhaustion, aches and pains, breathlessness, foggy-headedness and depression, I now energy like I had not had in years!! And my heath continued to get better and better.

Recovering from that awful illness and discovering how diet can completely change your health for the better is what lead me to train as a Naturopath, and then to go on to train as a Nutritionist. It has been my mission ever since I recovered to help people with health issues because  I KNOW it is possible to cure diseases and illness through the help of food and herbs and how amazing you really can feel when you HEAL your body from the inside out!

I have a passion for cooking and experimenting in the kitchen,especially gluten free and vegetarian food. I continue to be amazed at the ability food has to heal disease and  increase vitality when eaten in its whole unprocessed form. We have the choice every day to eat foods that will either heal or harm our bodies. Foods with high nutrient content have an incredibly positive effect on the body, and teamed with a healthy lifestyle have the ability to transform our health! My hope is that my recipes will inspire people to change the way they view food and healthy eating, and put them on the path to lifelong wellness.



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