Clean Green Skincare NZ

clean green skincare

Hey everyone, welcome to my blog 🙂 As well as eating a wholefoods, plant -based diet (with the occasional indulgence in some organic meat) I also feel very strongly about using natural household cleaners, makeup and body products! So I thought I would share with you a great company that a friend of mine runs called Clean Green Skincare. They make beautiful Organic & Eco Friendly Skincare Products that are:

• Made with certified organic ingredients

• Contain no artificial additives

• Paraben free

• Cruelty free and no animal testing

• Environmentally friendly

Clean Green Skincare believes that choosing a natural form of skincare is important for the health of our bodies. We understand that for optimal health we need to be as close to nature as possible. Our bodies were not designed to filter constant toxins that are contained in many skincare and cosmetic products, such as parabens and artificial colours and preservatives, and this can lead to imbalance within the body, and can cause illness.

We strive to provide the most natural and pure skincare products possible to help keep our precious bodies and yours, balanced and healthy.

Our company is based on the belief that almost everything that we apply to our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream, therefore only the purest of ingredients are selected when making our products.

For a full product and price list please contact Jamie Geurtjens via email :

Visit our Website

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So if your looking for a new natural skincare range I highly recommend these delicious products! Good for your body (and the environment), beautiful feel and smell, AND they are affordable! My favourite product is the Jasmine Vanilla Hand and Body Cream! Smells DIVINE!

clean green skincare 3

You can also check out my guest interview on “secrets for healthy glowing skin” on their website :


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