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food as medicine 

Hi I’m Kate and I am a Qualified Holistic Nutritionist with knowledge and experience. In a nutshell this means I focus on the root cause of illness or issue, and not just treating the symptoms. I believe in healing the body through delicious nutritious food, which is why I called my business Food As Medicine – because it truly can be! My passion is to educate and empower people, giving them the tools to support their bodies with proper nutrition, eliminate disease and have abundant health and energy!

I will help you to feel fantastic, optimize your health, look better and make changes that last.
I provide the best, up-to-date information and I offer on-going support, planning and advice to help you keep on track!

For more info or to book an appointment please Email me ;

I specialize in:

Weight management – How to lose weight or gain weight effectively and safely. Information on snacking, portion control, eating out, eating on-the-run and personalised meal plans.

eat fruit and vege lose weight



Nutritional management of conditions – including high cholesterol, anemia, arthritis,bladder infections,  gout and many many more.

health food



How to go gluten free, yet still have healthy delicious food!

gluten free 2



Getting kids to eat veggies – without the fuss



Family nutrition – including how to eat well on a budget








Eating well for busy lifestyles

busy work life eating



Supermarket tours and label reading

nutrition label



Menu planning




Cooking classes



* Nutrition Consultation (1 and a half hours)  $120.
During this I will do a full health check, discuss any health concerns you may have and give nutrition&lifestyle recommendations to suit you personal needs (Weight loss, Allergies, PMS, Coeliacs, Immune issues etc). If needed I will prescribe supplements. Also includes recipes and specific resources to get your diet on track and take the guess work out of meal planning and shopping.

*Personal shopper service $60 – a 1 hour personal tour round the supermarket with guidance on what to look for when buying “healthy” food,how to read those tricky numbers and ingredients on labels, how to work out the amount of sugar/fat is in products and how this is relevant to you. Any any other questions you may have about food,eating and cooking.

*Cooking Classes – $70 per person. This includes refreshments and food to eat and take home with you.

topics that are coming up are;

*Eating well on a budget

*Gluten Free Cooking Made Easy

*Getting Veggies into kids – without the fuss!

*Eating for energy – the power of Juicing and Super Foods

*Vegetarian Cooking

*Raw Desserts

For more info or to book an appointment please Email me ;


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